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Bexhill Academy, Sunderland

DVC Commercial Roofing was proud to be the principal contractor to execute a substantial roof refurbishment project for Bexhill Academy in Sunderland. The project requirement included an extensive area of 1600m². The chosen solution was the Alumasc Mastergold System, renowned for its durability and reliability. This roofing system has a comprehensive 20-year warranty, underlining our commitment to delivering lasting quality.

Collaboration with Alumasc Roofing Systems: DVC Commercial Roofing collaborated closely with Alumasc Roofing Systems, a leader in innovative roofing solutions. This partnership allowed us to leverage Alumasc’s expertise and advanced roofing technology to ensure a seamless and efficient execution of the project.

Timely Completion: The project was executed within a tight 10-week timeframe, showcasing our ability to efficiently deliver roofing solutions without compromising quality. This timely completion was a result of effective coordination and streamlined project management.

Minimising Disruption: At the heart of this project was a commitment to the well-being of the students and staff at Bexhill Academy. We understood that maintaining a conducive learning environment was paramount. Therefore, every step of the project was carefully strategised to minimise disruption. Our team implemented strict safety measures and operational protocols to ensure the safety of all students and staff while the refurbishment was underway.

The Alumasc Mastergold Advantage: The selection of the Alumasc Mastergold System proved to be a transformative choice for Bexhill Academy’s roof. This system is renowned for its exceptional performance in providing weatherproofing and insulation. With a 20-year warranty, the Alumasc Mastergold System provides long-term assurance, offering durability and peace of mind.

Positive Impact: The successful execution of the roof refurbishment project brought several positive outcomes:

This project exemplifies our values of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


About Bexhill Academy

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