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Our self propelled drones have the ability to capture a bird’s eye view of the roof in question using their high zoom lens. While drone mapping is becoming increasingly popular amongst a diverse range of industries, construction and inspection sectors are benefiting greatly; from updating clients with high resolution imagery, to assisting companies with strategic decision making.

Utilising self propelled drones allows our roof surveying team to gain technical insight into roofs and take accurate measurements without having to step foot on the roof in question. Not only is 3D Model Mapping the safest way of gathering valuable information for our clients, but it also reduces the time spent on-site due to fast processing powers, allowing roofing projects to get underway with a more efficient surveying timescale.

Utilising this equipment allows us to measure within 3mm of the 3D model allowing for precise measurements of all areas of the roof construction which in turn enables our estimating team to price more accurately for our clients.

Using drones also allows our roof surveying team to visualise, measure, track onsite changes and export data acquired at all stages of a project and allows for a more efficient project execution.

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