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Durham Roof Renewal at Toft Hill Primary School

Enhancing Toft Hill Primary School: Durham Re-Roof Project

The aim of this Durham Roof Renewal project was to renew and re-roof the existing roof at Toft Hill Primary School on behalf of Durham County Council.

Re-Roofing Process:

DVC Roofing commenced the project by removing the older roof coverings and stripping off the existing slate, which was then stored on-site for re-use. We then proceeded to renew the under felt, replace aged foundations with new timber battens, and executed all essential lead works using environmentally friendly lead alternatives, aligning with Durham County Council’s requirements.

We aimed to conduct this Durham roof in the shortest timescale as possible, in a bid to keep the distraction to Toft Hill Primary School to a minimum.

The Transformed Outcome of Durham Roof:

The results of this Durham roof renewal project are truly remarkable. Our efforts seamlessly blend with the school building’s aesthetics, delivering an impressive and refreshed appearance. The renewed roof not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures enhanced durability and functionality.

Re-Roofing Project at Toft Hill Primary School in Durham

The Process of Re-Roofing: A Durham County Council Project

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