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Kirklees MBC Denby Dale

DVC Commercial Roofing undertook a significant roof refurbishment project for Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) in Denby Dale. As the principal contractor, DVC was tasked with revitalising a 1400m² roof area. The project was part of the Kirklees Inclusive Framework and involved the installation of the Moy Paralon Total Warm Roof System, backed by a 20-year warranty.

Challenges Faced: The project presented unique challenges, particularly the need to work on-site during the term time. This required a strategic approach to ensure minimal disruption to the ongoing activities within the school. Additionally, maintaining high health and safety standards while working in a dynamic environment with varying foot traffic was paramount.

Innovative Solution: DVC Commercial Roofing demonstrated its expertise and commitment by providing an innovative solution that addressed the specific needs of Kirklees MBC. The core components of the solution included:

Moy Paralon Total Warm Roof System: DVC installed the Moy Paralon Total Warm Roof System, a high-performance roofing solution known for its durability and energy efficiency. This system not only offers exceptional weatherproofing but also comes with a 20-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.

Strategic Project Management: Recognising the challenge of working during term time, our team meticulously planned and executed the project to minimise disruption. Every step was carefully coordinated to ensure all student’s safety and maintain a conducive learning environment.

Health and Safety Priority: The project strongly emphasised maintaining rigorous health and safety standards. Our team employed best practices and protocols to ensure the well-being of everyone involved, adhering to strict safety guidelines throughout the project.

Positive Outcomes: The collaborative efforts of DVC Commercial Roofing and Kirklees MBC resulted in positive outcomes for the project:

Seamless Integration: The successful completion of the roof refurbishment showcased DVC’s ability to integrate roofing solutions within operational educational environments seamlessly.

Enhanced Performance: The Moy Paralon Total Warm Roof System not only improved the roof’s performance but also contributed to the facility’s overall energy efficiency.

Minimal Disruption: By carefully managing the project during term time, DVC ensured that the educational activities continued uninterrupted, reflecting our commitment to customer-centric solutions.

 The Kirklees MBC roof refurbishment project exemplifies DVC Commercial Roofing’s dedication to delivering innovative and tailored solutions. As a trusted partner, we successfully navigated challenges and delivered a high-quality outcome that aligns with our excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction values. This project stands as a testament to our capabilities in roofing, project management, and our commitment to meeting each client’s unique needs.

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