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Ensuring Watertight Integrity at John Rylands University Library

Ensuring Watertight Integrity at John Rylands University Library

DVC Commercial Roofing Contractors recently announced our appointment by J Greenwoods Ltd for the roofing works on the prestigious John Rylands University Library, located at the University of Manchester.

With the upper deck nearing completion, we are making steady progress and preparing to transition to the next level down.  This project entails overlaying 750m² of existing asphalt roof and stripping and reroofing 1650m².  The primary reason for the roofing work is to address the roof covering that has exceeded its life expectancy and is experiencing leaks in certain areas.  Recognising that the library remains in active use and is an integral part of the University of Manchester, the team has prioritised working with minimal disruption.

Ensuring Watertight Integrity at John Rylands University Library

The project’s scope includes installing over 3700 SQM of flat and tapered Bauder Total Roof System PLUS across 14 roof areas. This system boasts a service life exceeding 35 years, providing long-lasting protection for the library.  The John Rylands University Library is a hub for world-leading research, housing unique special collections spanning centuries of knowledge. With its neo-Gothic architecture, the library symbolises Manchester’s rich heritage and is a dynamic centre for research in the humanities and sciences. The library’s extensive academic collection, including the largest collection of electronic resources in the UK, supports a wide range of subject areas taught at the university. Notably, it houses the Guardian Archives, adding to its esteemed status.

Upon completing the roof refurbishment project, DVC Commercial Roofing looks forward to sharing a comprehensive case study highlighting the meticulous work undertaken to ensure the John Rylands University Library remains a beacon of knowledge and inspiration.


John Rylands Research Institute and Library (The University of Manchester Library)

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