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IKO Polimar Seal for Gutter Lining

The Project – IKP Polimar Seal South Tyneside Business Centre

This job was typical example of what we see every day on commercial buildings that use plastisol coated steel box gutters. The Business Centre had heavy debris and plantation growing in the box gutters accumulated over the years. As a result of this the gutters would have corroded and leaked at the joints.

What We Did – IKO Polimar Seal

Renewing the box gutters normally involves a lot of work. The fixings are generally situated under the first sheet, which is half sitting in the box gutter, and the sheet needed to be removed in order to get to the gutter fixings.

The simpler solution was to coat the internal part of the gutter using IKO Liquid Polimar seal (Liquid Roofing). The work involves cleaning out the defective box gutter and treating the corrosive areas. Once the box gutter is clean and dry, we simply applied IKO Polimar Seal roller to the whole internal part of box gutter at an even specified applied rate.

The Finished Product

As soon as this IKO Polimar Seal had been applied, the liquid roofing was totally waterproof and could withstand the force of rain and weathering. This system is always accompanied with an IKO Liquid Polimar seal waterproofing Plc 5 Year warranty.

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