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West One Forth Banks

In collaboration with Silverstone Building Consultants and LEBA Construction, DVC Commercial Roofing completed a transformative roof refurbishment project at West One Forth Banks in Newcastle. Covering a substantial area of 900 square meters (m²), the project aimed to revitalise the metal roof and ensure its long-term performance. The chosen solution, the Alumasc Roofing System, proved efficient and effective, delivering exceptional results within the initially proposed timeframe.

The collaboration between DVC Commercial Roofing, Silverstone Building Consultants, and LEBA Construction was instrumental in the successful execution of this project. By pooling our expertise and resources, we ensured that all refurbishment aspects were planned and executed to the highest standards.

A key highlight of this project was its punctual completion within the originally estimated timeframe. Our commitment to delivering on schedule showcased our dedication to operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Alumasc Roofing System: The Alumasc Roofing System emerged as the ideal solution for the refurbishment at West One Forth Banks. This innovative system entails coating the roof sheets, providing a timely and minimally disruptive solution for the building occupiers. The method ensures efficient application and delivers long-lasting protection for the roof, supported by a 20-year warranty.

Health and safety are paramount in all our projects, and the West One Forth Banks project was no exception. Our team adhered rigorously to the latest government guidelines, ensuring a secure and risk-free work environment for all stakeholders. Additionally, our commitment to delivering the highest levels of workmanship underscores our dedication to quality and excellence.

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DVC Commercial Roofing Contractors are a family run business founded in 1995. Handing over watertight buildings to our clients over the last 26 years has built us a strong reputation, based on reliability and value. We deliver the highest quality work, on time, and with expert knowledge every step of the way, from project inception right through to project completion.

We are a multifaceted roofing contractor with offices in Newcastle and Manchester, meaning we have the capacity to deliver any size project, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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