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In the toolbox of a commercial roofing surveyor, we also have drones! Yes, the innovation of drones has caught on within the commercial construction sector; and for a good reason. Not only does it make the inspection of structures easier, but it also helps with the digitisation of documentation and allows companies to monitor worker safety.

Here at DVC, drones have become an efficient alternative to traditional surveying. A trained drone pilot with the necessary equipment can take a bird’s eye view of the roof in question and create very detailed images of the roof’s features, making the inspection process quicker.

Our experienced roof surveying team have Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) to operate a drone commercially in UK airspace.
Utilising drones allows our surveying team to gain access and technical insight into roofs where access may be limited, eliminating the need for expensive cherry pickers, access platforms or access booms.

Our self propelled drones have the ability to capture a bird’s eye view of the roof in question using their high zoom lens. Utilising self propelled drones allows our roof surveying team to take accurate measurements using 3D Mapping without having to step foot on the roof in question.

Other benefits of utilising drones include minimising the health and safety risks associated with working at height (Health and Safety Executive) and minimising disruption for the building owner and/or tenant.

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