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DVC Celebrates Remarkable Advancements: Unveiling Mark Ainsley and Brad Morrison’s Impactful Journey!

Embark on a Journey of Success with DVC: Mark Ainsley and Brad Morrison’s Triumphs Unveiled!

Mark Ainsley’s Triumph:

Witness the remarkable strides in Mark Ainsley’s role as Contracts Manager. Mark’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence perfectly align with the core values of DVC. Join us in celebrating this significant achievement and expect the transformative impact Mark brings to elevate our services.
Mark Ainsley’s ascent is not just a personal victory but a testament to the dedication and ability that define the culture at DVC. With a proven record of accomplishment in leadership, Mark’s role as Contracts Manager marks a success at DVC.

Brad Morrison’s Rise :

Brad Morrison, now assuming the role of Assistant Contracts Manager at DVC. Supporting our team with a wealth of on-site experience and a proactive approach. Celebrate his well-deserved promotion as we welcome the fresh perspective and ability he brings to DVC.
Brad Morrison’s journey is a testament to the growth and opportunities within DVC. His proactive approach and onsite industry experience position him as an asset to our team. As Assistant Contracts Manager, Brad is poised to contribute significantly to our ongoing success.
Join the celebration of these milestones, as we not only recognise the achievements of Mark Ainsley and Brad Morrison but also look forward to the collective success that lies ahead for DVC.

DVC understands that a flat roof quotation and specification should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it is a customised solution that considers a range of factors, such as cost, life expectancy, location, access, and thermal needs. This integrated approach ensures that the client receives a comprehensive understanding of the proposed solution and its long-term implications. 

DVC’s approach to flat roof solutions involves a thorough site assessment, including a roof survey, core sampling, and a detailed report. A personalised quotation and specification that thoroughly takes into account, every relevant detail are the end result of this approach. With this focus on the needs of the customer, DVC is positioned as a dependable and informed partner in resolving flat roof problems in Newcastle.

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