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Commercial Flat Roofing Newcastle Mercedes Garage SIKA Liquid Plastics

DVC ROOFING  was delighted to win the contract for the full flat roof refurbishment for Commercial Flat Roofing Newcastle on Mercedes.

The client had been working closely with DVC Roofing and SIKA Liquid Plastics to establish a cost-effective solution to the many problems that the Mercedes of Newcastle had been experiencing with their flat roofs.

Client Requirements

To minimise disruption and health and safety risk, a cold-applied liquid roofing system was required for the project to enable encapsulation of the extensive area and detailing while avoiding the need for hot works and overcoming the need for total strip off. The client also stipulated that the chosen system should have a 20-year service life as part of their building maintenance planning and asset optimisation strategy. To address all of these requirements, Sika Liquid Plastics’ SIKA 625  20-year system was specified.

Solution Using SIKA 625 System

Following a site audit and condition survey of the roof carried out by DVC Roofing and Sika Liquid Plastics’ Area Technical Manager, a full specification was developed to meet the project requirements. Sika Liquid Plastics’ Quality Assured (QA) contractor, DVC Roofing, was appointed to carry out the 3500m2 roof refurbishment, The DVC Roofing team then installed the SIKA 625 system in slate grey, completely encapsulating the whole flat roof areas to eliminate the risk of leaks from an area of the roof that had previously proved problematic.

Darren Van Cliff from DVC Roofing said, “The risk of rather expensive cars sitting below did have me a little worried; however, our team took great care in not coating these, “Thank the lord.” We were limited in working in high winds, and with awkward scaffolding, access conditions made this a challenging project. The use of Sika Liquid Plastics’ cold-applied 625 liquid system made it possible to manage the access restrictions.


The project concluded in May 2018, and the roof now boasts a full 20-year QA warranty directly from Sika Liquid Plastics.

The successful collaboration between DVC Roofing and SIKA Liquid Plastics ensured a durable and reliable roofing solution for the Mercedes garage in Newcastle.

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