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Drone Surveying and Mapping – No need for scaffold

December has been a busy month for our team at DVC Commercial Roofing, as we close 2022 we have proudly completed a variety of significant projects nationwide. Last week was particularly busy and included the completion of a commercial roof survey utilising our expertise in 3D mapping with drones.

Located in Manchester, we were requested by a surveying practice to quote the full roofing works to a vast site – the survey needed to be completed within a restricted timeframe but also deliver a detailed summary to enable an accurate quotation.

To achieve this we took advantage of our drone surveying expertise – by using our drone services combined with 3D mapping we were able to provide an accurate representation of the roofs current state without the need for a scaffold structure. Onsite in Manchester, our drone equipment allowed us to measure within 3mm of the 3D model, allowing for precise measurements of all roof construction areas and enabling our estimating team to price accurately for our client.

Technical Roof Diagnostics

Self-propelled drones allow our roof surveying team to gain technical insight into roofs and take accurate measurements without having to step foot on the roof in question. Not only is 3D Model Mapping the safest way of gathering valuable information for our clients, but it also reduces the time spent on-site due to fast processing, allowing roofing projects to get underway with a more efficient surveying timescale.

Using drones also allows our roof surveying team to visualise, measure, track onsite changes, and export data acquired at all stages of a project and allows for more efficient project execution.

DVC drone pilots are all competent to operate to a high standard, plus registered and approved by the CAA to carry out drone operations throughout the UK.


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