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How drone inspection services enhance commercial roofing assessments

For a long time, roof inspections have been a necessary but difficult part of property maintenance. Traditionally, these assessments have been conducted through manual inspections of rooftops, which poses a potential risk of falls and injuries. However, in recent years, drone inspection services have marked a significant shift in how roof inspections are conducted.

Drone being used to perform an aerial inspection of a commercial roof.

Drone roof inspections are aerial examinations carried out using a camera-equipped drone. The drone flies just above the roof, capturing images of the entire area, allowing the team inspecting to provide an accurate report of its condition.

In this blog post, we are taking a further look at five reasons why drones are beneficial for commercial roof inspections.

Enhances safety by minimising the risk of falls or injury

Drone roof inspections reduce the need for people to work at height, which is one of the UK’s leading causes of workplace fatalities and injuries. In 2023, forty workers lost their lives from falling from a height in the UK.

Drones reduce the need for a physical presence on a roof, allowing workers to conduct assessments safely from the ground without risking their lives, a factor which is particularly important in buildings with complex structures and deteriorating roofs.

Provides access and insight into hard-to-reach areas

Roofs with complicated structures, several levels, or limited accessibility present a problem for workers conducting traditional inspections. Drones, however, combat this with their ability to easily navigate through narrow spaces, tight corners, and elevated areas, allowing access to previously inaccessible roof sections.

A drone will inspect every corner and crevice in your roof to guarantee that no potential issues are left undiscovered. This level of thoroughness allows the company conducting the inspection to provide businesses with detailed insight into the condition of their roof and provide actionable recommendations for maintenance and repair.

A quicker and more efficient method of inspection

Time is an extremely critical aspect of roof inspections, particularly when it comes to identifying problems before they worsen. Traditional roof inspections require extensive planning before execution. Between this, equipment mounting, and the actual inspection, it’s clear to assume that drones are the way forward in terms of efficiency.

Using drones for roof inspections can significantly improve overall efficiency since they can cover large areas in a fraction of the time it would take manually. This examination allows for speedier diagnosis and action, which in turn could save your business a lot of money.

Once the assessment is completed, these drones will then automatically transfer high-quality imagery with 1080p resolution to the inspection team on the ground via the cloud, ready to be used on reports.

A drone-taken photo of a commercial roof.

Provides a comprehensive, in-depth, accurate assessment of the roof

Drones fitted with 1080p high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology enable comprehensive roof assessments that go beyond what the human eye can see.

These machines provide the company conducting the report with precise imagery, accurate measurements, and thermal data. Drones make it easier to detect hidden issues including leaks, insulation problems, and structural deterioration. Identifying and resolving these concerns early on before they become noticeable allows property owners to further minimise the chances of future degradation.

The drones can also be used repeatedly, and their built-in GPS systems allow them to be able to capture pictures of the same location at the same elevation and angles each visit. With this data, we can see if its condition has improved or worsened during maintenance and even create before and after images. This is unparalleled accuracy; obtaining the same level of detail with a manual inspection is impossible.

Helps to save you money in the long-term

As drones cover the entire area of the roof, making it unlikely that any potential issues will become undetected and worsen. They also help the team conducting the assessment identify potential issues with your roof early on, thereby reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs. replacements and the interruption of business operations that is often associated with reactive maintenance.

The benefits of drone inspection services are ideally aligned with our values, which include accuracy, safety, speed and efficiency.

At DVC Commercial Roofing Contractors, we offer aerial drone surveying, which uses the latest in drone technology to conduct detailed and efficient inspections of your roof. This service gives our clients the peace of mind that their roofing systems are thoroughly evaluated with the utmost precision and care.

We use these advanced methods to provide not just comprehensive data, but also actionable insights that allow our clients to make proactive decisions regarding their roofing investments.

If your roof needs a check-up or you’re interested in learning more about our drone inspection services, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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