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SIKA Liquid Plastics Incorporating Batton Roll Effect

SIKA Liquid Plastics: Traditional Lead-Look Roofing with a Modern Twist

At DVC Commercial Roofing, we take immense pride in our recent flat roof project at Otterburn Hall in Northumberland. This showcase exemplifies the artistry achievable with SIKA liquid plastics—a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly marries tradition and innovation.

The Architect’s Vision

When the architect specified that the roof should evoke the timeless elegance of a traditional lead roof, we embraced the challenge. Our ingenious design incorporated mock rolls, planned to mimic the classic aesthetic. But here’s the twist: these rolls serve a dual purpose—they maintain the roof’s heritage charm while ensuring efficient water drainage.

Precision Planning

Every detail mattered. We carefully considered water flow dynamics, ensuring that even with the batton rolls in place, water would gracefully find its way to the outlets. It’s this thoughtful planning that sets our roofing projects apart.

Discover the Future of Roofing

Explore the synergy of tradition and technology. Our SIKA liquid plastics offer durability, aesthetics, and sustainability—all in one seamless package. Let’s redefine roofing excellence together!

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